Open Burning

What to Know Before You Light

When you burn outdoors, the potential cost to your health, your home, your neighbors and your environment far exceeds the price of adequate collection services. Protect yourself, your neighbors, and your wallet by knowing the rules. Remember, there are alternatives to open burning.

Alternatives to Open Burning


Open burning is allowed in Hamilton County and southwestern Ohio with certain restrictions. These restrictions depend on three things: the purpose, location, and contents of the burn.

As a general rule of thumb, recreational fires made only of clean seasoned firewood, which are no larger than 3 feet by 2 feet in size, are allowed anytime. No permit or notification is required, and there is no minimum distance requirement for recreational fires. Recreational fires cannot be used as a means of waste disposal (this includes yard trimmings and garbage).

Burning for land clearing and agricultural purposes may require written permission and/or notification. These types of burns are allowed only in unrestricted areas. Agricultural burns require notification 10 days prior to the start of the burn, and the burn must be at least 1,000 feet from any neighboring structures. Land clearing requires written permission and the burn must be at least 1,000 feet from any neighboring structures.

More Information

For more information on open burning, please contact Ciara Wagner at 513-946-7715 or download our Open Burning brochure.